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Main Directions Of Current Industrial Activities

   Development, manufacturing and delivery of spacecraft, launch vehicles, space stations and their various modules, different space systems in the framework of Russian Federation Space Program.

   Maintaining wide range of fundamental, system and conceptual research studies in the field of advanced space system and technology; feasibility, cost, trade-off and vehicles configuration analysis for spacecraft and launchers.

   Full-scale development and ground tests of space systems, technology and equipment on system and unit levels.

   Foreign-economic and international space market activities.



Currently all countries-members of "space club" are maintaining full-scale development programmes aimed at bringing into commercial service the new generation of highly-effective launch vehicles (LV).

New launchers are planned to be reliable, cheap and have remarkable level of affordability.

This means for Russia that assured access to space can be guaranteed only on the basis of advanced space technology and must be considered of highest state priority. The key element in overcoming this challenge is "Angara" LV family.

   Historical milestones of the Khrunichev Space Center activities (1,664Kb)

Angara LV Family Rationale

During the recent years Khrunichev Space Centre is being developing the new generation LV family, which will be:

   well fitted into Russian Federation Space program;

   highly competitive in the world launch service market;

   fully manufacturing by Russian industry.

Angara LV family will utilise eco-friendly fuel and will be prepared and launched from Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Angara LV family will be capable to serve all the foreseen demands of launch service market, covering the injection from small spacecraft into LEO till heavy and most complicated communication satellites directly into GEO.

Evolution Of Angara Project

   Requirements of Government Agencies

   Market requirements

   Trade-off studies and conceptual design

   Full-scale development, ground qualification and validation tests

   Verification flight test

   Operational service

   Evolution of Angara Project (337Kb)


   First stage main engine RD-191M

   Second stage main engine RD-0124

   On-board command and control equipment

   Breeze-KM, Breeze-M, KVRB upper stages

   Payload fairings of Rockot, Rus, Proton, Proton-M, Angara

   Common core first stage booster

   Second stage booster

   Initial operation capability

   Ground support facilities of Zenit, Rus and Rockot launch systems

   Angara LV Family Concept (937Kb)

   Angara LV Family Stage Boosters (141Kb)

Light-Weight Launch Vehicle «Angara A1.1»

   Light-Weight Launch Vehicle «Angara A1.1» (110Kb)

   Main Characteristics Of Angara-1.1 Light Class LV (112Kb)

Light-Weight Launch Vehicle «Angara A1.2»

   Light-Weight Launch Vehicle «Angara A1.2» (111Kb)

   Main Characteristics Of Angara-1.2 Light Class LV (134Kb)

Intermediate Launch Vehicle «Angara A3»

   Intermediate Launch Vehicle «Angara A3» (128Kb)

   Main Characteristics Of Intermediate Angara-A3 LV (195Kb)

Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle «Angara A5»

   Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle «Angara A5» (134Kb)

   Main Characteristics Of Angara-A5 Heavy-Lift LV (288Kb)

Main Components Of On-Board Control System’s Equipment

   Main Components Of On-Board Control System’s Equipment (356Kb)

Typical Pre-Launch And Launch Operations

   Typical Pre-Launch And Launch Operations (787Kb)

Launch Service Market Forecast

   Launch Service Market Forecast (132Kb)


Expansion Of ILS Partnership

   LOCKHEED MARTIN and KHRUNICHEV signed agreement July, 28, 1999 to expand International Launch Services partnership to include Angara family of launch vehicles

   Agreement includes franchise fee for exclusive world-wide marketing rights

   Protecting and sustaining most successful US-Russian joint venture

   Commercial launch services from Plesetsk cosmodrome will start in 2003

   Main Characteristics Of Super Heavy Angara LV (190Kb)

   Fly-Back Reusable Booster "Baykal" Based On Angara LV Technology (1,144Kb)


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